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требуется web программист, для работы в Гуанчжоу

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По умолчанию требуется web программист, для работы в Гуанчжоу

Офис французской инвестиционной компании располагается на юге Китая, в городе Гуанчжоу.

Требуется сотрудник на постоянное место жительства (т.е. с переездом в Китай) по месту нахождения компании.

Билеты на самолет, виза и проживание - компания берет на себя.

Сотрудник должен владеть английским языком, т.к. в штате доминирует иностранный коллектив.

Основные требования к сотруднику, будут изложены на английском языке.

Большая просьба все свои резюме присылать на английском на адрес [E-mail могут видеть только зарегистрированные пользователи. ]

Web Developer / Programation

Primary Responsibilities:

The developer will be doing web development, focusing on coding, testing, debugging and documentation for both front end and back end.
The developer must be a tenacious problem solver who will relentlessly dig into an issue until it is resolved.
The person must interact closely in teams for the projects he will be taking part in, yet also be able to function independently and be able to research business requirements, processes and make informed recommendations on alternate technological / technical solutions.
Providing development on ASP.NET for new web applications as well as providing support for on-going development.
Designing, programming, testing, and debugging ASP .Net and C# web.
Writing technical specifications and documentation and meeting the goals of functional specifications.
Strong interest in developing innovative software with a passion for solving complex problems.
An ability to effectively communicate information, both written and verbally in a team environment.
An interest in other programming languages such as PHP, Objective C and experience with mobile development would be a strong advantage.

Requirements and Qualifications:
The candidate is proactive, creative and passionate about technology, has expert knowledge of current industry standards and methodologies, particularly when it comes to technology, and welcomes learning new skills and platforms.
Expert knowledge of current industry standards and methodologies in User Interface (UI) design, User Experience (UX) and particularly Search Engine Optimization (SEO), will be a strong asset.
Experience developing in ASP.NET/C# enterprise-level applications.
Advanced knowledge of HTML (including HTML 5), CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Ajax, XML.
Advanced/expert knowledge on Search Engine Optimization will be a strong asset.
Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously if needed with good self-management skills.
Strong knowledge of OOP, ASP.NET MVC/Web Forms and working with web services (WCF).
Knowledge of software development best practices and design patterns and Agile Methodologies.
Experience with other programming languages and frameworks other than .NET, a demonstrable passion for writing code.

- полный рабочий день
- з/п от 3000 долл
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Старый 29.12.2012
По умолчанию требуется web программист, для работы в Гуанчжоу

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Программист для работы в Ханчжоу

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