Foreign representative/Language teacher in China
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Foreign representative/Language teacher in China

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Icon7 Foreign representative/Language teacher in China

 Foreign representative :

Bachelor degree majoring in Italian, English ,French and Russian; excellent ability to translate and interpret ; responsible for contacting and signing agreement with the domestic institute of higher learning, translating and sorting out material of school, applying for multinational cooperation of establishing school with institute of higher learning from China Education Ministry, translating the relevant inspection formalities of the cooperating president and other persons in charge who want to go to Europe to inspect; foreign representatives can enjoy the free group trip to foreign countries


Work content:

a.on behalf of school and Edu Europe attending the exhibitions in Russia, France, Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, Switzerland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand and America.

For example:

◆UNESCO ( The education, science and culture organization of United Nations) ---The exhibition of world culture ,education and art ( Lausanne in Switzerland)

◆2003 Sino-France culture week , Chinese higher education exhibition tour( Paris)

A.. Introducing our brand and curriculum to the presidents of participating schools and other visitors.

B. Having good personal image and outstanding expression ability.
C. Patiently and warmly introducing the curriculum and our school to student and sending souvenirs and brochures to them

 We provide ticket, visa, hotel and travel (as the right picture) and chances to make advertisements (Photo, VCD and Web)
 Language teacher (IT, ES , FR , RO ,RUS and ENGLISH etc)

Requirements: good command of IT, ES , FR , RO ENGLISH essential, responsible, dealing with social relationships and the emergencies coming up.

Highlights: We provide good atmosphere, vacation for traveling and tour sightseeing. Also we will arrange the training before starting the job.

1. To teach Italian(A2-B1) for about 20 periods a week(45 min. per period) to a group of students of 18-22y.o..
2. Supervising tests and exams and giving level tests.
3. Counseling students
4. Other tasks assigned by the Education Department and the school in your working hours
Requirements: Be interested in working with students, team spirit, good personal image, good communicative skills, being friendly, suitable for the long-term international working environment, bright personality, perfect language skills, open-minded, good command of communicative skills and strong desire to study and live in foreign culture and atmosphere.
Ideal candidate:
Open-minded, fluent in English and other European languages, quick learner, good expression ability, good communicator, having experience in negotiation, reception, assisting to the manager or director, good adaptation ability.

We can assist you in Chinese language learning and practicing.

Hope you could join our team!
About salary:

foreign language teacher:

internship (3 months) 700.00 USD + accommodation Fee 200.00USD

After internship 800.00 USD + accommodation Fee 300.00USD

About Foreign representative:

internship (3 months) 800.00 USD + accommodation Fee 200.00USD

After internship 1000 + accommodation Fee 300.00USD


internship (3 months) 800.00 USD + accommodation Fee 200.00USD

After internship 1200.00 USD + accommodation Fee 300.00USD

Contact person:
Recruitment representitve
Investment Promotion& Guest Liaison Department
of The Organizing Committee
E-mail: [E-mail могут видеть только зарегистрированные пользователи. ] (e-mail for CV)
Tel.: +86-431-82768100
Fax : +86-431-82766800
Zip code: 220100
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Icon7 Foreign representative/Language teacher in China

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Chinese language training

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По умолчанию Re: Foreign representative/Language teacher in China

Hello, I'm native Russian speaker, have bachelor degree in Japanese and English, please write your contacts if you're interested in me.
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